Combine Multiple MP3 Files without Special Software

Just found out that you do not need any special software to join multiple MP3 files together. I’m sure that this is an old trick, but wanted to save it here as so I will be less likely to forget it.

In Windows:

copy /b File1.mp3 + File2.mp3 + FileX.mp3 NewFile.mp3

In Linux:

cat File1.mp3 File2.mp3 > NewFile.mp3

For both methods, you can also use wildcards instead of explicitly naming each file.

Perl Win32::OLE Excel Selection + TextToColumns

Finally figured out how Excel Selection + TextToColumns translates from VB to Perl using the module Win32::OLE

One of those things that I’m sure millions of have done, but I never saw an exact example before so I never could get it to work before.

One other thing that has been a huge help: Excel Constant Enumerations

Hopefully these will save someone else some hassle, good luck!


use strict;
use warnings;
use Win32::OLE;

my $excel        = Win32::OLE->new( 'Excel.Application' )
  or die "Could Not Start Excel.\n";
$excel->{ 'Visible' }           = 1;
$excel->{ DisplayAlerts }       = 0;
$excel->{ SheetsInNewWorkBook } = 1;

my $workbook = $excel->Workbooks->Add();
my $sheet = $workbook->Worksheets( 1 );
$sheet->{ 'Name' } = 'Approved Vs Denied';
$sheet->Range( "A1" )->{ Value } = '"1","2","3"';
$sheet->Range( "A2" )->{ Value } = '"4","5","6"';

$sheet->Range( "A1:A2" )->Select(); # Make your cell selections
$excel->Selection->TextToColumns( {  #But then reference the selection using the Excel Object
        Destination          => $sheet->Range( "A1" ), # Where to put the top left corner of the text-to-columns
        DataType             => 1,                        # Fixed ( 2 ) // Delimited ( 1 )
        TextQualifier        => 1,                        # DoubleQuote ( 1 ) // None (-4142) // SingleQuote( 2 )
        ConsecutiveDelimiter => 0,                        # (True or False)
        Tab                  => 0,                        # (True or False)
        Semicolon            => 0,                        # (True or False)
        Comma                => 1,                        # (True or False)
        Space                => 0,                        # (True or False)
        Other                => 0,                        # (True or False)
        FieldInfo            => [ [1,1], [2,1], [3,1] ],  #Array Ref of array refs with num of Columns + Type of each column
        TrailingMinusNumbers => 1,                        # (True or False)
} );

Manage Your Posts Only in WordPress

What does this WordPress Plugin Do?

One of the frustrating things of running a multi-user WordPress blog is wading through the enormous amount of posts that end up there. Also, by default WordPress allows all editors to see the titles of other users posts and unpublished drafts even though they cannot edit them.

Previously other users have tried to do the same thing (see: Multiple users – only allow them to see their own posts when logged in?) by editing “edit.php” or “edit-post-rows.php” directly. This gets the same outcome, but is more likely to get forgotten or messed up when you install a WordPress Upgrade.

I’ve created a tiny little WordPress plugin that makes it so that users and editors can only see posts from the manage tab that they have written themselves. By using this plugin, the only users that can see all posts from the manage tab are Admins.

WordPress Plugin Install

  • Download the Manage Your Posts Only WordPress Plugin
  • Unzip and upload ‘manage_your_posts_only.php’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Log in as a non-admin user to ensure that they can only see posts listed in the managed tab that they have created
  • Comments or Questions?

    Let me know what you think about the plugin! Maybe I missed something, or there is some extra functionality that you would like it to have. Just leave a comment here or send me an email.


    Adsense Notifier

    What is Adsense Notifier?

    Adsense Notifier displays your Adsense earnings on your Firefox status bar. It allows you to easily see your earnings at a glance instead of logging into the Adsense website multiple times a day.

    Install Adsense Notifier

    Install Adsense Notifier 0.9.8 now.

    Adsense Notifier simply shows your adsense stats on the status bar and updates the stats automatically. This is wonderful for anyone with OCD ( or GAD as some have called it ) who needs to check their stats every three seconds to see if they have gotten any more clicks :-p

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    How to Stand Out in a Sea of Fives

    Darren Rowse of just finished up another of his whiz-bang Group Writing projects.

    The topic of the project was “Top 5″

    I got the feeling that many of the entrants were students from the school of Brian

    It was really interesting to see the different techniques that people used to stand out – after the jump I’ve listed all of the posts without using 5 or five in the title. Out of the almost 900 entries, only 77 people didn’t use “5″ in their titles.

    Also for those that missed it, Darren let in on his amazing Chitika earnings – almost $250K!

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    The Secret to the Search Engine Long Tail

    What is your single biggest source of traffic?

    Whomever said “Content is King” forgot to tell you that your king content amounts to about three people a month per post.

    On my sites, almost half of my traffic comes from search engines, but the top 10 referring key phrases account for less than 15% of the search engine traffic.

    The majority of the keywords that drive traffic to my sites number in the thousands, but only get 1 or 2 searches each. To top it all off, most of these keywords are for things that are said in passing in an article, or that were never intended the article to be about. You say “Pink Donut Safety Measures” and 3 weirdos out there search for it every month and you are the top site.

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    How to Remove the Posts per page limit in WordPress

    I love WordPress, it’s made web publishing and blogging incredibly easy and available for so many people.

    But, Depending on your theme or setup, it’s also easy to make hundreds of pages of duplicate content within your own domain. For instance under the categories pages, by default your content is duplicated and paginated based on your posts_per_page setting. So some of your older posts can be incredibly difficult for users and search engines to get to.

    My goal was to fix this using these two changes:

    • Make the category pages into lists of links so that it doesn’t show up as duplicate content.
    • Have each category page show every article in that category, overriding the “Show at most” setting, so that from any page on the site, you are never more than 2 clicks away from any other page.

    Read on for how I did it…

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    Mortgage Companies are Crazy

    Seems like lots of people get odd overwhelming requests for information when applying for a mortgage.

    When I sold my first house to purchase my second, I decided to buck the “buy way more than you can afford and be insanely in debt forever and if the market drops your house is worth less than your mortgage” trend. So, my wife and I settled on a nice house that actually cost less then the house we were selling. Sure it was a much further drive, but it was away from the over developed jerk fest we were living in.

    This concept of not over extending one’s self was so foreign to the mortgage company, they forced me to write a letter and sign it explaining why oh why I wanted to buy a house for less than I was selling. FSM forbid that I don’t want a 3-month ARM Interest only with an extra 500k loan attached 75 year mortgage.

    I just can’t for the life of me figure out what they were protecting by doing this. Any ideas?

    Why your successful site is leaving money on the table

    Right now, your sites are making less money than they should be. What should you be doing about it?

    Never give up. Never surrender.

    Below I list some simple things that you can change on your site right now to increase your income and traffic. Changes that I have made in the past have quadrupled the traffic to one of my sites and increased my income almost 10-fold.

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    Firefox Addon Developer T-Shirt

    Now I’m no hero and people like Ben Goodger and all the others that contribute code to Firefox are a whole different level of coders – but it’s pretty awesome to be able to contribute, even in the tiny way that I have to the success of this great browser.

    Thank you and to all those that thought to give us little Add-On developers a nifty little T-Shirt.


    Windows Wireless API

    How to programmatically access the WiFi API

    (Updated 2007/01/29 with new download paths – API is now out of beta, thank you Aichi!)
    After searching for hours and hours I finally found a solution for accessing and changing the windows wireless settings through a programming interface. Using the Wireless Zero Configuration service and the WiFi Native API I was able to change anything that I wanted to. This will allow me to programmatically roll out changes to clients WiFi interfaces through logon scripts or on a client to client basis.

    Below I documented the steps that are needed to use the program, and I also have shown the steps needed to use the source code which I have released under the GNU GPL for your own projects. This is my first release of this software, so I encourage you to provide feedback, suggestions, and code!

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    What Tools Do You Use for Windows Automation?

    If you do any work in an IT support role, knowing how to use at least of one of the following tools is a requirement. The amount of repetitive work done in tasks like imaging or testing begs for automation and these tools can get the job done easily.

    Continue reading ‘What Tools Do You Use for Windows Automation?…’

    European Honeymoon List Fun

    A quick break from code – I’m back from my honeymoon with a list of 11 fun things that my wife and I noticed in Europe:

    “Double occupancy Room” in Barcelona, Spain means bunk beds
    Bunk Beds

    Continue reading ‘European Honeymoon List Fun…’

    WordPress Permalink Redirects

    The default WordPress URLs aren’t very search engine unfriendly –

    Under the WordPress options, it is easy to change this to something much nicer looking, for example: – But that could lead to losing the PR that you’ve built up from the old links if you make the change after your blog is established or duplicate content issues.

    For people using Apache, it should be relatively easy to add 301 permanent redirects using rewrite maps to fix both of these issues.

    Continue reading ‘WordPress Permalink Redirects…’

    More SVG Fun

    I have been playing around with SVG a bit more, and here is my latest test.

    When Google Finance came out, I was really impressed by the interface and graphing and wanted to try to replicate that in SVG (for eventual inclusion in Adsense Notifier.

    As in my last SVG Demos I have only tested this inside of Firefox, so it may or may not work with the Adobe plug-in.

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