How to Stand Out in a Sea of Fives

Darren Rowse of just finished up another of his whiz-bang Group Writing projects.

The topic of the project was “Top 5″

I got the feeling that many of the entrants were students from the school of Brian

It was really interesting to see the different techniques that people used to stand out – after the jump I’ve listed all of the posts without using 5 or five in the title. Out of the almost 900 entries, only 77 people didn’t use “5″ in their titles.

Also for those that missed it, Darren let in on his amazing Chitika earnings – almost $250K!

  1. Become Blog Worthy
  2. Definitive Guide for Geeks to Time Pass at Work
  3. Why I like Problogger’s group projects
  4. Attraction Accelerator
  5. Achieve your dreams
  6. How to find the person of your dreams
  7. Screwing Performance Review
  8. Stupid Is As Stupid Does
  9. Make Your Children Healthier by Feeding Them More Sugar
  10. How to Reclaim Your Couch
  11. Desktop Software’s that keep me productive
  12. We are not alone…never again will anyone ever be alone
  13. Jackie Chan’s Greatest Fight Scenes
  14. Shut Up And Write
  15. Amazing Benefits of Rapid Mental Math
  16. Upside down God
  17. You’re Pointing Out Vista’s Flaws. Cancel or Allow?
  18. Flying Travel Annoyances
  19. I’m a stranger here myself
  20. How to tell if you are stuck in the 90s – Test Yourself
  21. Another Old Movie Blog
  22. Why Your Mom is the Engine of Growth in the Global Economy
  23. Spanking The Adsense Monkey
  24. If you Could Cross-Breed Anything, What Would It Be
  25. The best life hacks I’ve found so far
  26. Building A Blog Community
  27. Places I want to see when I get to the British Isles
  28. How To Start Your Own Business Today! No Excuses
  29. NBA Funniest Quotes
  30. Let love in
  31. Car/Brand Spotting, Burbank to Huntington Beach
  32. Baby Names from Video Games
  33. Why I need a Children’s Television Programming Intervention
  34. Anarchy, Equality, Humility, Charity, Community
  35. Favourite Village Views
  36. Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant and Rant!
  37. Country Living Rocks & why you should avoid urban living like the plague
  38. Saskatchewan that is [sa-skach-uh-won, -wuhn], Canada’s Best Kept Secret
  39. Get Ripped Off By Your Psychic – A Practical Primer
  40. Real Estate Blogging Rules I Love to Break (and you can too!)
  41. Brad Pitt’s Hat !
  42. Freelancers: Start Winning More Proposals NOW
  43. How To NOT Sell Your House
  44. SEO Plugins For Your WordPress Blog
  45. John Chow is not like you Darren!!
  46. What’s your vacation plan this summer?
  47. How to make bloggers hate you
  48. The Eurovison Song Contest Must Be Outlawed!
  49. Avoiding the Chemical Sandwich of Doom…Plus 4 More Tips from The Practical Archivist
  50. I Fly Free & Get Paid To Have Sex
  51. Turn Your Meager Blog Income into a Million Dollars
  52. Alguns títulos longos
  53. How I look at life now that I am half a century old
  54. No sex yet? You still should sleep together!
  55. Do It All and Still Stay Sane
  56. Why build a boat… blog?
  57. WiFi in the Wild!
  58. Mamas! Read your blogs!
  59. What is the Point of Your PowerPoint? (1 of 3)
  60. The most ridiculous items on eBay that I must have
  61. Those Lazy Days Of Summer – Got A Pet? – Keep It Safe
  62. Stránky o regresní terapii (top)
  63. Giant Jenga Game Saves the World, One Page at a Time. Wait. What?
  64. The Easiest Meditations
  65. A top (4+1) ways to face rejection
  66. StumbleUpon Quintuplet From The King Of Blogging Gobshites
  67. “When It’s Time to STOP Writing”
  68. Your Small Business is Worth More than a Free Email Address
  69. Riding the Waves of Change aka Hints on how to deal with change
  70. Its Time For Another Round of ‘Things that Have Come Out of My Mouth Today
  71. My Favorite Standby Knitting Projects
  72. 10 Embarrasing Things I Spend Money On
  73. Thank You, George Bernard
  74. How To be More Sexy – Latina Style
  75. Juggling Frogs: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…
  76. The Great .com Scavenger Hunt – Part 1
  77. Blogging is Quintessential!

4 Responses to “How to Stand Out in a Sea of Fives”

  1. 1
    Nick Says:

    haha interesting twist to linking to some projects…if only I got a prize for being part of the elite non “top five” title-ers

  2. 2
    Evelyn Says:

    I’m with Nick! Nice twist! Hmmm… I’m No. 77! I feel special! Cool idea to do. Thank you! :)

  3. 3
    Joe Rawlinson Says:

    It is refreshing to see a list from the group writing project that isn’t just a copy and paste of every entry. Thanks for putting some thought into this one and for including me in your list!

  4. 4
    Ask Brent Says:

    At least someone’s giving credit for their creativity…good call.

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